Who? What? Where? How? But?

At Helping Help Foundation, our primary and only focus is to HELP THOSE WHO HELP OTHERS so that can do MOOOOORE.
We provide support including, but NOT limited to, using technology, fund raising, contacts, financial, research and training. And we are always hearing for more...

Boring details

We are a small team, to be precise, just 2. Everything has to start somewhere by someone. We are doing what we can and maybe inspire some more.

What we do?

1. Technical support

2. Fundraisng support

3. Marketing help

4. Financial Research & Training


We are officially registered in the State of Texas, USA. Also a valid 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Details on IRS site.

Interested to write for us? Or join us?

We are always looking for inspiring stories. Please send us.. let's inspire more!! Contact us at any of the below if you'd like to help.